First Meeting


June 24th at 6:30 PM


Gravitate Conference Room
Sixth Floor
206 6th Ave Des Moines, IA

Map Link


There are many user groups in Des Moines, why add another? Well, we feel that there is a strong need to community discussion and collaboration in the devops space. Our feeling is that many companies in the area are doing similar things and could help each other out with some best practices.

Things we would like to do in future meetings are:


The first meeting will be an open forum to discuss future talks, topics, and format. We will also bring a few devops topics to talk about if people are interested. Please bring your own as well. Anything is fair game!

Still working on a sponsor, but pizza and pop/non-pop beverages will be provided.


Added 2015-06-24

What a great turnout! If you were in attendance, thank you so much! If you couldn’t make it this time, no worries. See you next time.

We mostly just talked about what types of meetings we would like to hold. There were a few ideas, but the ones that stuck the most were mini workshops, lightning talks, and discussions.

There was a large variety of backgrounds in attendance. There were developers, sys admins, and operations people. Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, and OSX were all talked about for deployment environments so we should have lots to talk about for a long time!

To collect new topics for future meetings, we will use github issues. We can discuss there and decide when and what the topics will be about. Click here to view the current topic ideas or to submit your own.