How we work (Lightning Talks)


July 22th at 6:30 PM


Gravitate Conference Room
Sixth Floor
206 6th Ave Des Moines, IA

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For this meeting, we are going to do 10 minute lightening talks about how compaines operate internally. We are asking for people to come and talk for a max of 10 minutes (no slides necessary) about how DevOps works at their company. This talk doesn’t have to be 100% DevOps related.

Things that would be nice to touch on or think about are:

These are all just sugestions, but just a starting point for things to think about.

We will take a few minutes after each talk for questions. The lightening talk format will be very casual.

NOTE: One thing we would like to stress is that there is no “right” way to operate your company or how DevOps is performed. We would appriciate if everyone would be courtious while asking questions and presenting. We want this exercise to be informative, not demanding or demeaning.

Our goal is to inform how others do things and for people to show off what they do well, and ask if anyone can help with problem areas.

Food and Drink will be provided

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