Workshop - Using Terraform to manage infrastructure


June 22th at 6:00 PM


Gravitate Conference Room
Sixth Floor
206 6th Ave Des Moines, IA

Map Link


Terraform provides a simple file based configuration language to manage infrastructure. Anything from physical and virtual servers to dns can be managed with Terraform.

Your servers may come from AWS, your DNS may come from CloudFlare, and your database may come from Heroku. Terraform will build all these resources across all these providers in parallel.

Terraform codifies knowledge about your infrastructure unlike any other tool before, and provides the workflow and tooling for safely changing and updating infrastructure.

In this workshop, we will walk through the basics of terraform and how you can use it in your company.

If you have a laptop, please bring it to follow along. If not, we can pair up.


This workshop will be lead by Spencer Herzberg.

Spencer works for Banno on the infrastructure team. He writes code to provision servers and services.

Food and drink will be provided by TekSystem.

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